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I've an older sister, Ruth (dob 23/10/1953) and she's married to Gary Joseph and they've four children all of whom have now fled the nest. Their names are Heidi, Lee, Hannah and Laura. Ruth & Gary have lived in Cambridgshire (England) all their life and currently live at Warboys.

Ruth & me, circa 1956
Ruth & me, circa 1956


Christmas 1962, Me, Keven and Ruth
Christmas 1964, me, Keven and Ruth, Cyprus


Family snap circa 1965

Clockwise from me: Mum, Keven, Nan, Jack and Ruth, circa 1965 (?) Watford


Christmas in March, Cambridgeshire with family
Christmas 1973 (?), March, Cambridgeshire, clockwise from me: Keven, Jack, Ruth, Mum and Nan


         Ruth & Gary on their wedding day in 1972 taken at Buckden Towers

This is a picture of Gary, Ruth and Hannah taken at Malta on 21 July 2006 at Hannah's wedding:

Gary, Hannah and Ruth    

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