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Girls fish too

Hi, I'm Dr Carp (see profile) and here to help you.

Having problems with knots, line and bait or just want some free advice?

Alternatively, does your hook fly off when you make contact with a whopper or do you continuously "bird nest" when casting or guys do you simply blank too often?

If you answer YES to any of the above or just have a niggling question then email me below. But if you're shy then you can chat with me at Trow Chat (blue box below) when I'm usually on line at 7.00 pm each night (GMT):

                                                            You'll need to type it in by hand - this is to stop us getting spam. 

Tight lines and may the carp be with you - see also my interview



Replace your Christmas fairy with a carp this year!


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Photo of the month...
Bev Street with record UK catfish of 66lb
...send us your pics




I Love Fishing

I Love Fishing