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View of water tower from flyover, facing north on M40, day and nightTrow Pool is situated behind the water tower just north of the M40, past junction 9, Bicester (latitude 51.9203, longitude -1.2066). You can't gain access to it from the motorway, instead you'll need to go through the village of Bucknell.

It's located between Middleton Stoney and Bucknell (Oxford, England) just beyond the flyover from Bucknell (see photo opposite).

Park at the top of the entrance and do not obstruct the farmer's gate - see parking. Then walk down to the water tower and along the footpath, in all it's about a five minute walk.

If you have special needs then we can arrange to have the gate opened to allow you to drive down to the water tower and park much nearer.

For views of the water click here and for a short video click here

See map or download map and sketch in PDF





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Bev Street with record UK catfish of 66lb
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