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My five fishing journalsOne thing that always surprises me is that most anglers have all the right gear but lack one vital thing. They don't record their fishing sessions.

OK, most people have a mobile phone with a camera and can take pictures of their catches, but that's not the same as recording your fishing session.

If you want to improve you must keep a journal of your fishing successes and failures. Your journal may include: (1) date and time, (2) where you fished, (3) your tactics, (4) the weather, (5) a sketch of your swim and (6) what you caught along with a couple of nice pics to add some colour. And, if you blank you should also write that session up too!

I use a A5 Black n' Red Ruled Book book and am currently on book 5 (see next page for a snap shot of one typical page). And in the bleak of winter or when your bored you can whip out your journal and reminisce - ok now I know I'm day dreaming.

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