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     carp swimming...10 Commandments, be an angel not a devil, abide by the rules...
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© MMV James Bryant, this site is dedicated to Keven Bryant (1964-1975) who knew the pleasures of fishing but was not given the time.





10 Commandments  1.0  Thou shalt not fish without a valid Trow Pool permit or rod licence.

  2.0   Thou shalt not show thyself to the carp, nor let thy shadow be seen on the clear water.

  3.0   Thou shalt not float fish without plumbing the depth of the pool.

4.0   Thou shalt not fish when the wind is cold, nor shall thou fish within the length of thy rod and line of any brother          Angler.

5.0   Thou shall not discard rubbish as this is sinful.

6.0   Thou shall not take any fish with barbed hooks as these are the tools of the wicked.

7.0   Thou shalt not have good sport, unless thou strikest the moment the fish bites, nor shall thou strike too hard.

8.0   Thou shall not land a carp without a landing net nor shall thou be in too great a hurry in doing so.

9.0   Thou shall not make paste with dirty hands.

10.0 Thou shalt not have good sport without good baits, rods, lines and hooks.







Photo of the month...
Bev Street with record UK catfish of 66lb
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