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Home made bell alarmWHEN fishing with two rods it can be difficult to keep watch on both of them at the same time. One solution is to use a bite alarm and rod rest.

This is ok but may not always be possible if you're limited to what you can carry especially if you bike to Trow. The solution is to use a bell as a bite alarm and this has many advantages (light, no batteries, floats and is cheap). Bell alarmYou can buy a bell alarm (see figure 2) but it's just as easy to make your own.

Get a cat bell from a pet shop (about £0.50) and tie it on to a clothes peg (see fig 1). Then once you've cast out fix the peg on your line near the bail arm (see picture) and wait..... strike when it rings. Sorted!





Home made bell alarm






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Bev Street with record UK catfish of 66lb
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