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IT can be a challenge to fish Trow. The carp are wary and sometimes the weed is thick, but if the going is always easy then there would be no reward in succeeding! However, with the right strategy and some luck you'll bag a carp or two or more.

But if carp aren't your passion then it's relatively easy to hook the abundance of roach or tench. It's not possible to give a strategy for every day as the weather and many other factor's will come into play but what follows are tried and tested methods.

Excellent in summer
Surface, free lining, on hair-rig
Excellent in summer
Luncheon meat
Leger on hair-rig or straight on hook
Good year round tactic
Lob worm
Leger or float
Good year round tactic
Sweet corn
Leger or float
Good year round tactic
Leger or float
Good year round tactic
Float, laying on
Good year round tactic
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Bev Street with record UK catfish of 66lb
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