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I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH YOU THE WAY THAT I PRESENT BREAD ON THE SURFACE AT TROW. There're quite a few ways to use bread but I've Toast and cut bread with scissorsnever seen my method in any books although it's not rocket science.

Get yourself some thick white sliced bread and toast lightly and allow to cool or prepare it over night.Toast cut into little rectangles

Cut the toast with scissors into rectangles roughly 60mm by 30mm (see figs 1 & 2) although you can experiment with the size. I've found that rectangle shapes are best as they force the carp to take the bait with the slender edge first and this aids hooking. Store the cut toast in a bag or plastic box.

Pass hook & line through toastOn the bank, take a cut piece of toast and thread the hook (eye end first) and line once through the end of the toast that has no crust (fig 3) and then place the hook through the crust end as shown in fig 4. When passing the hook through the toast use the eye end as this causes less damage to the toast than trying to force the bend through first. I use size 8 hooks.

As a final edge you can spray the toast with some flavouring such as liquid strawberry. I use VAN DEN EYNDE but it you don't have any you can use concentrated juice from the kitchen! I use a littlePull hook through & clip on end of crust nasal spray bottle with some flavouring in it and then just give the toast two sprays (fig 5).

This method is great for free-lining and can prove deadly at Trow or any still water where the carp are feeding on the surface. Where you place the bait in the water is important too and if you want any help with this then email me and I'll spill the beans. See also how to use a bubble float at Trow.

Tight lines and good luck.

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23lb carp caught on toasted bread
23 lb carp caught using this method









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