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     carp swimming....Fish you can catch at Trow Pool - Carp.
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Typical carp caught at Trow Pool

 Name: Carp, common (Cyprinus carpio)

 Record rod-caught in UK: 65 lb 14oz (29.88Kg)

 Size you can catch at Trow Pool: up to 20 lb

 Favourite food:
water plants, vegetable matter, worms,  insects and shellfish

 Baits: bread, earthworms, sweetcorn, maggots & dog biscuits




Typical common carp landed at Trow Pool (there're also mirror, ghost and leather carp). Carp like Trow because of its mud-bottom, quiet and heavily weeded still water. It is also a small water and so the carp will eventually come across your bait, but the 64 dollar question is will they take it?

Carp feed mainly at night, but will take bait in the daytime if it looks appetising. Use barbless hooks and line greater than 8 lb. See a short carp video.

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Photo of the month...
Bev Street with record UK catfish of 66lb
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