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     carp swimming....Fish you can catch at Trow Pool - the elusive perch.
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 Name: Perch (Perca fluviatilis)

 Record rod-caught in UK: 5 lb 9oz (2.52Kg)

 Size you can catch at Trow Pool: up to 3 lb?

 Favourite food:
Is a predator hunting on living creatures

 Baits: worms, maggots and casters

Perch, landed 26-9-2003

This species of fish is an enigma at Trow Pool. Its been caught (3 lb) but many years ago and there're no current pictures.

Therefore, if you catch a perch, it'll be a great result and I want to hear about it.

Use barbless hooks and line greater than 3 lb. Good luck, you'll need it!
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Photo of the month...
Bev Street with record UK catfish of 66lb
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